Membership Details

The new membership year begins July 1st! All forms must be submitted by then in order to be eligible for funding in the 2015-2016 membership year.

New forms were emailed to current members on 7 May 2015 and are available on the Forms & Applications page.

2015-2016 Information:

It is time to renew your Alpine Skating Club membership for the 2015-2016 competitive year. Enclosed in the packet you will find an Alpine membership application and an application for funding from the Alpine Skating Club Competitors’ Fund.

All forms must be mailed first class mail, unless you are a renewing member. We will be offering online registration, as of 12 May 2015. New memberships will be contingent on board approval. More information coming soon…

The membership application must be sent to Kimberley Harris; Competitors’ Fund requests must be sent to Kim Lamb.

If you or your skater are applying for funding through the Alpine Competitors’ Fund, both the membership application and the funding request application MUST be received on or before July 1st. Forms received after July 1st will not be considered for any funding for the coming year. Funding will be divided into two classifications:

  1. funding restricted to those skaters entering qualifying competitions
  2. funding for all other competitive skaters.

All skaters planning to compete during the 2014-2015 competitive year, or those who may qualify for special funding if offered during the year, must complete the funding request form in order to receive any funding.

Please see below for Alpine Skating Club membership levels.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Alpine who have worked so hard this year. The club cannot succeed without the dedication of all its members. If you aren’t involved yet, please contact a Board Member to see how you can help. We hope we can continue to have your support as we continue to support all our skaters.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please feel free to contact Kimberley at (720) 341-4415 or

If you have specific questions regarding the Competitors’ Fund, please contact Kim Lamb at (303) 745-1979 or

If you have any general questions about the club, please contact Carol Zeles, (303) 979-0802 or

Membership Levels

All members have full voting privileges EXCEPT Associate Members, Patron Members and Beginning Skater Members. Associate, patron, or beginning skater members are not eligible for funding of ANY kind.

  1. Family Registration – One adult plus one additional family member. A parent or guardian must join with a skater who is under 18 years of age.
  2. Additional Family Member – When a family has more than one skater or when both parents desire to be members, this is the type of membership the additional people need. The cost applies to each person.
  3. Introductory/Beginning Skater Membership – This membership is available for ONE year only. If you have been a member of Alpine or any other club, you are NOT eligible for this membership. This level of membership is not allowed if you are planning to take any USFS tests.
  4. Senior or Professional Registration – Any skater over the age of 18 is considered a senior member. Any coach would be considered a professional. All Alpine coaches who are either CER A or B compliant by June 30th will have their membership paid by the club. They must, however, fill out the membership form.
  5. Collegiate Membership – This membership is available for full-time college students and is available for 4 consecutive years.
  6. Associate (Junior or Senior) Registration – All Associate Members must be full members of another club.
  7. Patron Members – You will be considered a club member with no voting privileges, and it does not include membership to US Figure Skating. This membership is not for anyone wishing to skate in any sanctioned event (all tests, exhibitions, competitions, etc.). Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted.

Membership Policy Statement
As adopted by Alpine Skating Club Board of Directors on March 16, 2017

Membership in Alpine Skating Club (Club) shall be open to all individuals actively engaged in or wishing to support and further the sport of amateur figure skating. Acceptance of membership subjects the member to all rules, regulations and policies of the Club and US Figure Skating (USFS). By accepting membership in the Club, the member confirms intent to support Club activities. The privilege of membership may, therefore, be withdrawn or denied at any time when determined that: 1.) A member’s conduct is inconsistent with the Club or USFS policies, regulations, or rules, or 2.) When a member’s or prospective member’s conduct is inconsistent with, or detrimental to, the mission and best interest of the Club.

Cause for revocation or denial of membership in the Club includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Unprofessional or unsportsman-like behavior at club-sponsored activities

  • Failure to adhere to USFS rules at USFS sanctioned events

  • Physical or verbal behavior that is detrimental to the club and/or its members

  • Physical or verbal endangerment of the wellbeing of others

  • Making threats of physical harm

    Individual(s) applying for and accepting membership in Alpine Skating Club must agree and adhere to the Membership Policy Statement. Denial or revocation of membership is subject to a majority vote of Alpine Skating Club’s current Board of Directors.

    Refund of Membership Dues:
    Upon revocation or denial of membership, a portion of the membership fees received for the current membership year, may be refunded within 60 days of revocation or denial. The amount of the refund due will be calculated based on the amount of membership dues received, reduced by the amount paid to US Figure Skating, and the value of any other membership benefit(s) incurred by the Club for the sole benefit of the member during the current membership year.