Alpine Skating Club was incorporated on August 27, 1969 with a group of skaters, parents, coaches and judges who broke ground on an arena, put hard work into the arena and club, developed some incredible skaters along the way, and is still going strong today.  There have been ups and downs of membership, losses of facilities, discourse among members, many degrees of success of its skaters, all of which represent the ideals set forth so long ago.

On November 18, 1979, Alpine Skating Club transferred its headquarters from the Alpine Ice Arena on South Monaco Parkway to the North Jeffco Ice Arena on Ralston Road in Arvada and on the 18th of January, 1985, Alpine Skating Club returned to the Alpine Ice Arena on South Monaco Parkway in Denver.

Alpine’s first ice show, Ice Explosions, was held in May of 1984 and continued until the rink closed in 1995.  The first ice show was the beginning of our Alpine Skating Club’s precision teams.  We had 2 additional shows at The Edge while it was our home ice. In May of 1986, Alpine hosted the first theatrical figure skating competition in the state, Queen City.

Far too many parents to mention were the foundation of Alpine’s club, from ice shows, exhibitions, test sessions, competitions, and any other tasks needed to support those skaters.  That such a spirit was born from mere families similar to those we represent today speaks to the strength of our club.  As we look forward we can only hope that those just beginning to experience a club will continue the ideals and dreams of those who came before us.

Historically, Alpine has had a competitive focus and had a number of successful skaters who made it to sectionals and nationals. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our original home ice, Alpine Ice Arena closed and our skaters had to find rinks where they could continue skating.  This also led to a gradual decline in our higher level skaters over time.  However, we most recently had one member who skated internationally on the Haydenettes synchronized skating team.

Alpine members skate at Apex, Big Bear, Boulder Valley Ice, Foothills, The Edge, South Suburban and Family Sport, and Promenade.  So you can see that our membership is spread throughout the Denver metro area.  Alpine SC is committed to supporting and encouraging the sport of figure skating within our community.  We have 2 national judges and 2 sectional accountants, who are also technical accountants and can work rinkside on IJS events.  Alpine also supports those officials by helping to pay the costs for the schools they must attend to stay current and the costs to go out of state to trial a competition or to clerk in the case of our accountants.

Many of our board members have worked in many of the clubs’ activities, have learned much about how the sport functions and can provide invaluable advice on what has and has not worked.  At the same time, we welcome the opportunity to work with new club members who have new ideas and are willing to bring those ideas to fruition.

Alpine Skating Club is a non-profit, 501(c)3 skating club.