Alpine Funding

Alpine Skating Club is pleased to let everyone who turns in their funding forms by July 1st know that the Alpine board has determined the funding for the competitive year as follows.  This funding is available to all home club full members who have renewed their memberships by June 30th.  Beginning members are not eligible for any funding.  The funding forms are required to be mailed to Kim Lamb.

If you are planning on competing at Southwesterns this year, you MUST notify Kim Lamb,, NO LATER July 15th so that she can arrange to have the club pay the fees directly to US Figure Skating and/or the local organizing committee.  Specific directions will be sent out in a separate email.

Regional Challenge competitor at qualifying event (Juvenile through Senior levels)

  • Full entry fee
  • Coaching fees up to $100

Adult skaters competing at Adult Sectionals and all Synchro Sectional Competitors (Synchro fee is per competitor);

  • Full entry fee
  • Coaching fees up to $150

Sectional Pairs, Dance and any singles competitor qualifying from Regional Challenge

  • Full entry fee
  • Coaching fees up to $250 for singles competitors; $150 for Pairs and Dance Competitors

National Competitors (Junior and Senior levels)

  • Coaching fees up to $500

Synchro National Competitors

  • Team fees for individual skater up to $500

Any World or USFSA Enveloped Competitors

  • Competition expenses up to $1,000

All Non-Qualifying level skaters

  • Coaching fees for non-qualifying events up to $100

Competitors receiving funding have agreed to represent Alpine at the event. Wearing of a club jacket or other apparel at the event funded by Alpine that promotes another club or organization (unless required by US Figure Skating), would represent a violation of this agreement and would therefore require the competitor to refund the full amount provided through the Competitor’s Fund to Alpine. Failure to return the funds to Alpine would change the member’s status to “Not in Good Standing.”  Competitors who withdraw from the competition (regardless of reason for withdrawal) are also required to refund Alpine Skating Club the full amount funded through the Competitors’ Fund.

The Board of Alpine Skating Club