Hi All –

Some of you may not know how our King Soopers Gift Card fundraising program works, so I’d like to provide some details.

While purchasing a $5 gift card reimburses Alpine for the amount we spent on those cards, the club only raises money to support our Competitors’ Fund when the cards are reloaded and used to purchase groceries or gas.

Here’s how it works: Once  you have the card, visit a King Soopers and have them load the  card with any amount that you choose.  When I am checking out, I give the cashier my gift card before they start scanning my purchases and ask them to load it with a specific dollar amount and then use my credit card or personal check to pay for the reload.

Every time you load the card, Alpine gets credit for  whatever amount you load on your card.  When the combined total of all our card reloads has reached $5,000 or more, Alpine receives a check for 5% of the total reload.   Alpine has been earning a little over $250 every two months. That money is put into the competition funding that we make available to our skaters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.  And thanks for participating in our King Soopers fund raiser. Load ‘em up!!!

Carol Zeles

For the Board of the Alpine Skating Club