Thank you!

Alpine Skating Club had another successful Holiday Exhibition last night at Apex Ice Arena. Thank you to all who made it happen, especially to the skaters and their parents. Without them, there would be no Exhibition.  Photos will be posted soon under Gallery.

Wishing Everyone a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2019!

Holiday Exhibition Schedule posted

2018 Alpine Skating Club Holiday Exhibition
Apex Ice Arena
Friday, December 21 from 4-8pm
4:00PM ~ Welcome Speech
Group 1 – Starts at 4:05pm
Kathryn Bender/Riley Bearss – Duet – Christmas in Killarney 1:50
Nicholas Mercer – Solo – Chipmunks’ Christmas Song 1:30
Emma Tribelhorn – Solo – Santa Claus is Coming to Town 1:37
Victoria Erazo – Solo – All I Want for Christmas 1:10
Katie Beard – Solo – Rudolph 1:00
Bailey Cohen-Porter – Solo – You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch 1:30
Sitora Ganieva – Solo – Nutcracker’s Waltz of the Flowers 1:10
Isabella Boyd – Solo – I am Gonna Lasso Santa 1:15
Victoria-Tatiana Davis – Solo – Carol of The Bells 1:10
Group 2 – Start at 4:28pm
Rebekah/Valerie Christensen – Duet – Sleigh Ride 1:30
Sofia Ramirez – Solo – Ocho Kandelikas 1:08
Araleanah Garcia – Solo – Hey Santa, Teach Me to Dance 1:30
Fiona Seefeldt – Solo – I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 1:10
Darby Jo Bearss – Solo – Jingle Bell Rock 1:40
Mia Goodmanson – Solo – Oh Santa 1:10
Melanie Conway – Solo – We Need a Little Christmas 2:07
Ella Pomeranz – Solo – Let it Snow, Let it Snow 1:39
Genevieve Bonati – Solo – Dance of SugarPlum Fairy 1:30
Group 3 – Starts at 4:50pm
Zander George/Arielle Roeder – Duet – Run, Run Rudolph 1:50
Anna Bender – Solo – Carol of The Bells 1:30
Loray Harris – Solo – Silent Night 2:05
Kyra Christensen – Solo – First Noel 1:30
Jory Guelzow – Solo – Russian Suite 1:14
Teegan Oatley – Solo – Grown Up Christmas 2:15
Sophia Swartz – Solo – All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth 1:38
Darina & Katerina Bain – Duet – Ukranian Carol: The Old Year is Over 1:40
Group 4 – Starts at 5:13pm
Maia Brown’s Group (Darby Jo, Kathryn, Blake, Avery, Annie, Riley, Kaitlin, Gwyn, Anna, Annabel, Araleanah, JoAnne) – 12 Days of Christmas 3:00
Kylie Goodmanson – Solo – Nutcracker March 1:30
Rose Sangchompuphen – Solo – Sa Paskong Darating (Filipino) 2:30
Anna Savechenkova – Solo – Sugar Plum Fairy 1:50
Audrey Edwards – Solo – The Giving 1:36
Lillyanna Houghton – Solo – Run, Run Rudolph 1:20
Mia Jacobs-Kleven – Solo – Underneath the Tree 1:29
Danielle Riss – Solo – All I Want For Christmas Is You 1
Ice Make – 5:38 pm (~15min or less)
Group 5 – Starts at 6:00pm.  Warm Up Ice in the East Rink from 5:15pm
Patty Textor/Laura Bogart – Duet – Run, Run Rudolph 1:23
Nia Dulong – Solo – Let it Snow, Let it Snow 1:30
Aria Thompson – Solo – I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 1:10
Jill Ahlbrecht’s Group 1 (Sadie, Abby, Julia, Alisa, Rose, Melanie, Andrea, Loray?) – Ave Maria 4:00
Elizabeth Tamayo – Solo – Nutcracker’s Dance of The Reed Flutes 1:38
Gwyn O’Rourke – Solo – Candy Cane Lane 2:00
Gia Krutsch – Solo – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree 1:10
Christina Hinkle – Solo – Where Are You Christmas? 1:46
Group 6 – Starts at 6:23pm
Megan Burns & Sammie, Ellie Tam – Trio – Candy Cane Lane 1:37
Isabelle Markham – Solo – Let it Snow, Let it Snow 1:00
Ilsa Manno – Solo – Jingle Bell Rock 1:39
Sylvie Harrison – Solo – I’m Getting Nothing For Christmas 1:50
Andrea Pearson – Solo – Getting in the Mood for Christmas 1:40
Cassidy Wigert – Solo – Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy 1:39
Sarah Lutrey – Solo – Silver Nights 1:33
Mallory Schleu – Solo – Believe 1:36
Riley Bearss – Solo – Santa Claus is Coming to Town 2:00
Group 7 – Starts at 6:55pm
Hailee Giordano/Emily Kirkfield – Duet – I’ll be Home 1:30
Delaney Peterson – Solo – Blue Christmas 2:10
Scarlett Moloney – Solo – Carol of The Bells 1:30
Nicole Zimmerman – Solo – Ho, Ho Hopefully 1:26
JoAnne Stein – Solo – Darlin’, Christmas is Coming Over 2:00
Laura Bogart – Solo – Polar Express 1:50
Lee Ann Scott – Solo – When We’re Together 1:30
Arielle Roeder – When Christmas Comes to Town 1:30
Natalie Lewiston – Merry Christmas 1:42
Group 8 – Starts at 7:18pm
Annika Carlson – Solo – Little Drummer Boy 1:30
Linda & Michael Biggs – Duet – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 1:09
Sequoia Bucsek – Solo – Sugar Plum Fairy 1:35
Abigail Jones – Solo – Winter Wonderland 1:30
Liz Scott – Solo – Santa’s Coming for Us 2:30
Aimee Stone – Solo – What’s This 1:30
Maia Brown – Solo – Rise 3:15
Jill Ahlbrecht’s Group (Alisa, Abby, Sadie, Rose, Melanie, Andrea, Julia, Emery, Delaney, Loray?) – Stray Cat Strut/You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch 4:00
~7:45pm – Fun Ice Time for All

Holiday Exhibition is scheduled for Dec 21st at Apex Ice Arena

Alpine Skating Club is pleased to announce our Annual Holiday Exhibition on Friday Evening, December 21st  from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.  We are asking that all skaters skate to a number using holiday music (any fall or winter holiday is fine – for example: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Autumn leaves or any other holiday that hasn’t occurred to us or that we don’t know about.) 

We are happy to have skaters do a solo, duet, trio or any other group number that might be fun for any and all of you.  If time permits, skaters can do both a solo and a group number, but no more than 2 numbers. If you request to do two numbers, but there isn’t time for both, please indicate which one is your priority.

This exhibition will be free to all Alpine skaters and we will charge a nominal $10 for those skaters who are not members of Alpine, but have Alpine coaches and/or skate at Apex or Big Bear.  We will also plan a family skate after the exhibition, so everyone should bring their skates.

Alpine will provide sandwiches and drinks and we ask that all of you bring something else to share – salads, side dishes or desserts.   We are hoping that Santa will pay us a visit as well. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to participate and no later than December 3rd, we will need the following information:
Skaters Name:
Program Length:
Name of Music and holiday:
Club (if not Alpine, we will need permission from your club for you to participate):
Solo, or group number (and if group, who is part of the group):
If you’re requesting more than one number, please indicate (circle, underline or star) which is your priority if time constraints only allow one.
Number of family members planning to stay for the food and party
What you might bring to share:
We will need help with announcing, playing music, collecting music, manning the party room, and more.
We are hoping you will all take some time to come and have fun!
The Board of Alpine Skating Club