Summer 2021 Exhibitions

Did you sign up yet? Please check your email for more info. Here are the dates again…

July 8 – Beginner Clinic – 5:45pm to 7:45pm

July 9 – Skating Exhibition – 5:00pm to 7:00pm

July 30 – Skating Exhibition – 5:00pm to 7:00pm 

August 27- Skating Exhibition – 5:00pm to 8:00pm (hopefully with an end of season party)

Please provide the following information for the Beginner’s Clinic:

Skaters’ name:
Skating Level:
Coach, if you have one:
Parent’s name or names:
Age of Skater:

For those who want to participate in our exhibitions, please provide:

Skater’s name:
Skating Level:
Dates to participate in order of preference:
Program length:

Email Carol:

Thank you, Mike & Linda!

Let’s THANK our Husband-Wife Ice Dancing couple for the time they’ve given us volunteering and representing Alpine Skating Club in competitions. May North Dakota keep you skating and we hope to see you back in Colorado again.

Aria’s Art

Coach Lauren found this in her daughter’s back pack last week. This is adorable. Ice Skating is sure in her blood!

Thank you for sharing for sharing, Coach Lauren.

Let us know if you have anything you want us to share with our members.

Thank you!

Two Dads closing the event…

2021 Spring Funtastics is in the books – in person, Covid era.

We had some minor hiccups (as with any competition), but the overwhelming collaboration of everyone from the Apex staff, Alpine members, volunteers, vendors, parents, coaches and all the wonderful, beautiful and talented skaters made this event possible.

Special shout out to our super awesome chief referee, Michelle Zeles-Hahn & the Alpine Board Members!!!

Thank you to all who helped, participated and made this a success.

See you all Next Year!

Volunteers Needed!

Please help our one and only Alpine SC run competition. It helps pay, i.e. skating clinics, for our skaters. Sign up below:

The largest group of volunteers we need this year are “Ambassadors”. What is an “ambassaddor”? Keep reading….

Ambassador step chart:

1)    Report into registration area 15 mins before group is to enter the rink. Get a volunteer lanyard and designated mask.  Verify the following:

a.     Go through the screening processes (temperature/symptoms)

b.     Get list of skaters for your event/group

c.     Obtain and review your flow time chart for the event/group

d.     Review if anything is needed from the skaters? Money? Music?

2)    Report to meeting area inside the gym 10 minutes before the start time for your assigned group.

a.     Confirm there are not outstanding issues for skaters/coaches

b.     Explain the process ahead (screening, warmup, skates on, enter through hockey boxes, skates off in locker room, exit the building)

c.     Confirm they have read and agree to the COVID waiver (found on the USFS members only website-> Competition Profile -> Waivers)

d.     Confirm at most two parents & coach per skater, no more, but can be less.

e.     Make sure coach has a “coach credential and lanyard”, if not direct them to registration table to get one when they enter. Every coach must be credentialed! No parents may be rink side during the event.

3)    At check in time, make sure you are in the right area in the gym. Ensure participants are lined up 6 feet apart and masks are fully on.

a.     Retrieve thermometer from registration desk.

b.     Take temperature of each person. Temperature needs to be below 100.3. If not they must leave and there is no retesting

c.     Ask individuals if they have any present symptoms

d.     DO NOT RUN EARLY, everything is scheduled to flow and not have groups cross each other. Do not let anyone except the Chief Referee change you from your schedule!

4)    Once all skaters are checked in, and it is time to proceed to warm up area, escort your group out of the gym and into the front doors of the arena.  Remind them about masks, sanitation areas & staying 6 ft apart. The warmup area for each rink is:

a.     West Rink – ballet room

b.     East Rink – in the lobby between the rinks – it will be marked off

Have the parents sit in the parent area, outside of the warmup zone. Coaches may be with their skaters.

5)    When warm up is complete, escort your group to the designated locker room area to put on skates.  This is where the parents go upstairs to the bleachers, unless there is a request to tie the skater’s skates. If this happens, instruct the parent where they need to go when they are done.

6)    While the skaters are putting on their skates, check with the Ambassador of the group ahead get an idea for the timing when your group can enter, and how it relates to your flow time.  Groups will enter the hockey boxes to enter the ice.

a.     Bring your skaters into the hockey boxes, line up skaters and coaches along the boards.  Skaters will not need to bring all of their stuff with them into the rink. They may leave their bags in the locker room and enter the locker room while other skaters compete after the warmup. 

7)    After skating for the group is complete, each skater will then need to go back into the locker room to take skates off, mask on, and wait to leave the rink with everyone else when the group is done.

8)    Proceed out of the locker room and back down the hallway, and out the exit door at the front of the building. Remind your group to leave the building and check the website for results.

9)    You are done! Ready for a new group?

Tacos at Funtastics

UPDATE: Mikes2Kitchen wasn’t able to make it as they had an accident on the way to Apex today. Bummer! The food truck was “hurt” but the people are OK.

We are so excited to let you know that mikes2kitchen food truck is available from 11am to 2pm. Yay!

If the weather is nice (even if it’s not so nice), bring foldable chairs as we’re not allowed to stay inside the rink.

All ordering and payment will be made available online at

Pick up will be contact free.

Tacos $11

Taco Salad $11

Crispy fried potatoes w/ side of red salsa $4.50

Black Beans and corn w/ cilantro rice $4.50

Shrimp Ceviche marinated w/ fresh lime juice, red bell peppers, red onions and cilantro served w/ homemade chips $6

Chorizo & Jack cheese empanadas w/ salsa verde $4.50

Kids cheese quesadilla $3.50

Drinks: soda & bottled water