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  • Congratulations, Jill Ahlbrecht!

    2015 World Figure Champion 11230588_1489215714727266_3656748122270373470_n
  • 30 Second Rule

    Hi All - It has come to my attention that some of you might not be aware of the new 30 second rule. In competition, once your name is called, you have 30 seconds to get in position to start.  If you are not ready, there will be a mandatory deduction from your marks.  I understand there were a number of events where that deduction determined the placements of some of the skaters over the summer. Also, in competition, if there is a problem with your music, go to the referee to stop your music.  It is the skater's responsibility to let the referee know. Just one of a few things that have been brought to my attention in the last month and I wanted to pass this information on to our skaters. Carol Zeles
  • New Test Application now available.

    The latest test application is now available. Please note the deadline for applying for the August 27th test session is August 6th.  This is the last test session to qualify for new levels at Regionals.
  • Congrats to our latest Dy Austin Scholarship winner – Lucie Reizian!

    Congratulations to our latest Dy Austin Scholarship winner, Lucie Reizian! She is planning on using her winnings for lessons and ice time to advance her skating. For more details, see the "Skater of the Month" page…
  • Jan 2015 Skater of the Month

    Congratulations to our latest Skater of the Month, Nora Labbo! Read more about her on the Skater of the Month page…
  • Volunteers


    Many will be shocked to find
    When the day of judgment nears,
    That there's a special place in Heaven
    Set aside for Volunteers.
    Furnished with big recliners,
    Satin couches and footstools
    Where there are no committee chairmen
    No yard sales or rest area coffee to serve
    No library duty or bulletin assembly
    There will be nothing to print and staple
    Not one thing to fold and mail
    Telephone lists will be outlawed
    But a finger snap will bring
    Cool drinks and gourmet dinners
    And rare treats fit for a king
    You ask, "Who'll serve these privileged few
    And work for all they're worth?"
    Why, all those who reaped the benefits,
    And not once volunteered on Earth.

    From The Bulletin of the Athens County Ohio Historical Society and Museum